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Upcoming Premieres:

Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer
Aaron Hynds
Nelson Gast

With the Admiral Launch Duo:
Joseph R. Bozich

With Seen/Heard Trio:
Griffin Candey
Anthony Donofrio

Premiere CD Recording:
Horowitz, Steve: Entertainment Tonight Watch

Past Premieres:

Alexander-Adams, Simon: Seven Systems (2014)
Amaya, Efrain: Concerto for three Maribas (2009 with AWSO)
Baker, Dylan: Night Wanderings (2014)
Baskin, Nick: Aubade (2013) Watch
Beyer, Elizabeth Kennedy: Little Church (2011) Listen
Browne, Matthew: Meanding for harp and saxophone (2014)
Co, Jabez: The Jabberwock (2013) Watch
Crawford, Sam: Like a Hooper Painting (2012)
Evans, Fjola: Century (2012)
Evans, Fjola: Cough Syrup (2012)
Fishman, Molly: [Lighting Bolt] (2012)
Gieshoff, Arne: Tryklos (2012)
Goldstein, William: The Goldstein Variations (2009 with AWSO)
Haber, Yotam: Young Minds at Play (2012) Listen
Hedden, Christine: Amhráin na Cáisc (2014) Watch
Hedden, Christine: Kitchen Dance (2015)
Henry, Dillon: Trio (2012) Listen
Kaner, Matthew: Fantastical Fragments (2012) Listen
Koi, Alex: Violet (2015)
Koplinka-Loehr, Danielle: Marinero en Tierra (2009)
Lavender, Zac: Hold Me Close (2013) Listen
Lewis, Ralph: 1, 2 (2008)
Loriacono, Loren: Sonnet III (Torch Song) (2012)
Macchia, Salvatore: Sleep Binds Them Fast (2015)
Macchia, Salvatore: Ritual V (2014)
Magdalena, Joe: Agnus Dei (2016)
Masaoka, Miya: Jagged Pyramids (2009)
Moller, Natalie: Lepidoptera (2014) Listen
Moller, Natalie: Starshine and Moonfall (2014)
Ogonek, Elizabeth: Ringing the Quiet (2012) Listen
O’Malley, Patrick: Thaumaturgy Listen
Perdue, Mike: Hearsay (2012)
Rabinovich, Gilad: How by Darkness a Star is Perfected (2012)
Rudin, Rolf: Memorial (2009 with AWSO)
Rush, Stephen J.: Whirlwind (2015) Listen
Skipworth, Lachlan: The Second Wave (2011) Listen
Sussman Diana: …nice box! “Oh So Square” (2014)
Sussman Diana: Blue Satin (2013) Listen
Sussman, Diana: Allignment (2014) Listen
Thomson, Ken: Incoming (2012) Watch
Underhill, Edward Allen: Through Adversity (2008)
Underhill, Edward Allen: Where We Stand (2008)
Wada, Kaoru: Toone (2009 with AWSO)
Whiting, Benjamin: Dreamscape No. 1 (2015) Listen
Winters, Elizabeth: Locked In (2012)
Young, Jeffrey: Stravinsky v. Batman (2007)