Electro-Acoustic Performance

I both perform and compose electroacoustic pieces for harp. Listen and watch some samples below:

Splice Institute: I premiered a new work for harp and electronics by composer Benjamin Whiting at the Splice Institute Summer 2015 and performed one of my own works for harp and electronics.

Weav-Weav-Weaving for harp and interactive electronics

Two movements from Weav-Weav-Weaving were featured on Composers Circle. Click here for more information.

To see program note, click Weav-Weav-Weaving AMF Future Music Lab PDF.

A huge thanks to IRCAM for the use of their motion sensor technology and for Mari Kimura, who took video of this live performance and directed the Atlantic Music Festival’s Future Music lab.

Electroacoustic Realization of Seven Systems with the Admiral Launch Duo

Watch an excerpt:

Listen to the full performance: